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What Sri's former students have to say


Sri is a highly passionate educator with a very practical and engaging teaching style. Sri cares for his students genuinely, and would go above and beyond for his students to ensure that each one of them actually understood and gained value out of the learning contents. He also encourages students to ask questions proactively, listens to and addresses students' concerns in an empathetic manner. As a consultant himself, Sri often relates the learning contents with real-world scenarios, helping students to understand how those theories can be applied to solve actual business problems. I would say that I am lucky to have Sri as my tutor, and I want to let him know that his effort and dedication is greatly appreciated. :)


Sri's approach both within and outside of teaching can be summed up in one word - generous. I took part in one of Sri's classes at the beginning of the pandemic, and Sri went above and beyond to ensure that the learning experience for all students remained fantastic. Sri's generosity and commitment to his students still inspires me to go the extra mile.


The business analysis unit I took where Sri was both lecturer and tutor has been one of the most practical and useful units I have taken. Sri took great pains to ensure that we were learning skills that were important to us. Sri has helped set me up for success, both at Uni and in my career.


Great teaching style, obviously very passionate about quality education, incredible commitment to students. In person, extremely friendly and open, probably the most open about personal-life things I've ever had in an educator, which I think was great - the content is important, but in my opinion the personal connection can have a huge multiplier effect on how much of an impact that content has on you, how much of an imprint it leaves. Always encouraging the class to think beyond that semester - where do you want to be once you've got your degree? What should you be doing RIGHT NOW, in this unit and extra-curricular-wise, to achieve that? Only ever had Sri for one unit, and it's a crying shame because it was a great experience.


Sri is very humble and conveys his thoughts and ideas in an efficient way. I had the opportunity to be his student for Design Thinking.I have gained lot of knowledge from Sri.


I have been lucky enough to have Sri as a lecturer. It was fantastic to see such energy, passion and commitment bought to every lecture. Sri is very approachable and will always go the extra mile if you are willing to ask. Every interaction I have had with Sri left me inspired to continue my study in the world of IT and Consulting.


Super passionate, energetic, extroverted, intelligent